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CE: Archangel by AealZX CE: Archangel by AealZX
As they waited patiently for any results, Ourin ran over in his mind what he already knew in order to fully ready for anything that they might throw at them. "Based on the attacks before it sounds like they will focus on sealing our magic, but do not have a way to do it via distance, so avoid close combat if you can. Lenma, stay close to Mathias, I'll stay with Yua and the others can stay closer to each other so that there's a wider variety of elements spread out, but try to keep each other in range." He would have continued, but Lenma interrupted him.
"Out of time Rin." Lenma announce, a slight rise in her voice because of fear and worry as she held the two stones out for him to see. The one tied to Mauris hadn't really changed from it's previously increased rate, but now the one linked to Trance had increased in speed.
While the others searched the city Uran would mostly find rather normal looking citizens, almost like a collection of bandits scattered throughout the city, some were drinking, others watching, a rare few taking a nap but mostly they didn't look very threatening or even like Devoids at all. The largest and mostly intact building close to the center of the city had a greater variety of humanoid creatures in it and it appeared that it was quiet possible the inhabitants of the surrounding area were not actually fully in on whatever was going on there. They could really just be bandits, or other homeless people taking shelter there.
As Nagini searched through the REM field and drew closer to the main structure she'd be able to pick up scattered thought and fragments of conversation, mostly from teh boys she was looking for but also bits that they heard.
". . . silly boy, I'm not out just for revenge on you. You see I want a world for my own again but there's just too many people on this one for my tastes."
"Just let him go Cheren. Don't hurt him he's no part of this."
"Get off me! Touch me and I swear Papa is going to kick your ass!"
There was a brief flash of thoughts from Mauris, a mixture of defiance and fear as he was struggling against a large arm wrapped around his chest, a black metal collar with runes enraged in it around both of their necks, Trance pulling vainly against chains holding him to the floor, as well as images of Ourin and the others from memories. There were other fragments as the found out Cheren had tested a certain poison on Ourin to make sure she could develop the right strain that wouldn't kill them off instantly but still work quick enough. Accompanied with this was a gloved hand holding a small throwing knife.
"I'm not expecting . . . daddy to get too angry . . . much too sensible. . . own good. But it would be nice . . . . I've heard . . . . that side of him . . . .wonderfully . . . .I need. . . .your help as well. I saw . . . . water of Aquarius. Simply marvelous."
"[Don't listen to her Teri! She can't kill me! I refused to leave Papa alone.]"
A mix of frantic thoughts flowing rapidly and centering around Cheren and the others getting away from them as well as rejection against the magic seals. The flurry of emotions suddenly froze though with a brief flash of a fresh cut on Mauris's cheek. "Stop it." Cheren was talking but not being understood, focus changing solely on Mauris as he started coughing pretty soon, still struggling but getting weaker as he protested. "Get away. Don't touch him." More unheard talk. A manicured hand stroking under Mauris's chin.
A sharp crack from the collar.

Ourin cursed under his breath as he saw the changing pulses in the stones. "Do the best you can to avoid contact with as many as possible. Continue searching and directing us as we move through the city and-" Ourin cut off abruptly, the hair on the back of his neck raising as he felt the air behind him shift slightly. With wide eyes Ourin turned to the city again, this time his gaze rising to the sky. As he watched the temperature around them dropped drastically and large hailstones formed in the air, pelting the ground below in a harsh blizzard that swirled around the center. Along with the storm of ice multiple spheres of light collected in the sky, growing in intensity before they suddenly compacted and dropped to the ground as concentrated beams that began to tear through the ground as they traced rings around the storm's eye. "Forget it, just move!" Ourin shouted not sparing anymore time before he took off running straight for the main structure, dragging Yua behind him and being followed by his siblings.


Chuckling a little, Jeran shook his head. "Even if she wasn't here I don't think there would have been too much cheering and such since both of them are asleep." he admitted, shaking his head a bit sadly. "By the way, you guys are never going to believe it but a lot of people saw the lights from a little ways away from the city. They told everyone about them and they've already given Trance a nickname because of it."
Looking over, Mathias didn't seem too happy to hear this. "Oh. . . I hope it's much better than the one they gave me." He commented. He wasn't really surprised that that particular circumstance brought out a nickname, the others got theirs from similar situations.
Chuckling a little as well, Ourin hummed. "That was pretty fast. What are they calling him now? Must be better than 'Lost Prince' at least." They had all heard what the crowds had been saying during the parade and it was one of the reasons Mathias knew some people had already known about Trance before he was introduced to the city.
"I think it fits well." Jeran admitted, leaning on his arms on the back of a couch. "They nicknamed him 'Archangel'. Said it was because he's so gentle and warm like an angel, but he's got enough power to punish you if you've done something wrong."


Just a flashy picture showing off Trance's new nickname. The citizens, mostly the soldiers, of Airius have a little fetish where they like to give people nicknames based on their fighting styles. Ourin is known as Leviathan mostly, Mathias is Ghost, Lenma is Liquid Crystal, Kevin is Fracture, Jeran is Blackflame etc. and just recently they gave Trance the nickname Archangel.

In reality Trance's magic is still currently too unstable and strong for him to control well enough to pull off what he's doing in the picture, but he'll get there eventually. ^^

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Just keep practicing and looking at references. It really helps.
Watching people Livestream helps a lot too.
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