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August 15, 2012
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SoC: Civilized Rivalry by AealZX SoC: Civilized Rivalry by AealZX
:iconares-plz:Points for Ares~:iconares-plz:
Edit: So this picture actually became canon in an RP I had with Sarim and man let me tell you I love that RP to bits it was sooo intense and fun at the same time. >u<
Here's the clipits from the end of the chess game >u<

. . . "You cease to amaze me with your lack of boundaries, Mikhail." As they spoke...the game went on in accordance below their observant gaze, the horned angel taking out the masked black one just before it was finished off by the black knight that had been the first to move. " Chess pieces are an excellent representation of reality. They will be thrown away and used as they are commanded....even if they desire to stray from their required path.....without the chess board...the only option left for a peice is to simply fall." Monidium's eyes did not leave mikhail once as he picked up Arctus's piece, knocking the Emiris piece onto its side.

"It wasn't planned." Mikhail admitted honestly, watching the pieces move and also marvelling at how they were playing just as the events had unfolded. "I was merely seizing the opportunity since such a wealth of information had so eagerly presented itself. It would be rude of me to turn down the opportunity after the owner of this mind already accepted my presence." Continuing to watch the game even as Monidium had Arctus take out the piece resembling Emiris. Instead of feeling defeated though, Mikhail just grinned. "Boundaries shift as much as cultures and knowledge through the years. As much as it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, I have done nothing more than you did by entering this mind." He said, almost tiredly as though speaking to a child but betraying a bit of his own weariness. Monidium was indeed a formidable opponent, and that aloof bratty nature was just one of Mikhail's tactics to keep up. Though this time it seemed he had succeeded . . . for now. Chuckling at Monidium's comparison, Mikhail reached forward to move again, fingers heading towards a pawn. "And like reality, you'd be surprised how resilient they are. Though they fall, they somehow manage to get back up again. . ." sliding the pawn forward onto the backspace of Monidium's starting rows Mikhail reached forward and plucked the angelic piece from Monidium's hand, replacing it on the board where the pawn had been and, as his queen piece, also completing the trap he'd set for Monidium's king. "and overcome the apparent impossible. Check mate. I think it's about time I leave as I'm pretty sure I've overstayed my welcome." Rising from his seat Mikhail leaned down and plucked the black king from the board, hiding it in his hands for a moment even as he dissolved the rest of the board into soft white sand. "Or should I say. . . we." Opening his hands Mikhail showed Monidium the chess piece, know resembling Monid and turned white instead of black. "Another gift. But this time, not for you. Good day." Even as he continued grinning Mikhail pulled his own mind from Monid's. . .

The white chess piece descended slowly into Monidium's open hand, the golem looking down disdainfully at it. So the angel had gone and done something behind his back while they had talked?...Although, Monidium would definitely not put it beneath him. it was but the tiniest fraction of Monid's mind....but even so..he would continue to live on in this body regardless of what could be done. His eyes narrowed as his fingers closed over the chess piece like we're trying to crush it. " No matter." Everything faded into the dark void once more, even Monidium."You've only succeeded in postponing the inevitable..."

"Are you ill, or just naturally this unpleasant?"

"I'd rather contract anthrax then further waste my time in your deplorable presence."

Just a little gift for :iconsarimnarim: for making the creepiest most bad-a villain ever.
After this huge RP we did where everything was a giant mess Mikhail and Monidium have been kind of unofficial rivals and I one day just randomly got the idea of them playing chess together.
No this pic isn't 100% canon. Parts of it are loosely but they've never actually played chess with each other. Think of it as one of those insert pics between chapters in a manga or something.

The chess pieces are SoC characters from the RP we did and I tried to place them in accordance to how the RP played through. Copy Emiris is near Kel, Mikhail has Faith in his hands since Emi took her out, Kein and Sasha got injured pretty early so I put them as taken to make it more like a chess match and other stuff. You can download to see them better.

Mikhail has cake and ice cream mostly just to annoy Monidium by eating during their match and in return Monidium brought a book to read and continue his other work.
Also, Monidium is trying to crush Mikhail's foot like a sore looser but it's not working so well since they're both wearing armor. I didn't do so good on that because it was already a pain to fit mister giant's legs under that table without making it over sized and dwarfing Mikhail. OTL

Chairs and table were props from Google Sketch up because I didn't want to spend forever on them and didn't want to design my own. They're altered to my liking though.
Monidium doesn't fit very well |D
And Mikhail's a midget compared to him.

I didn't do a background because I never planned on doing one other than white. =u=

anyways, enjoy the senselessness. =u=/
:iconsouls-of-chaos: :icondeamond89:
Monidium :iconsarimnarim:
Chess pieces their respective owners
Everything else me, :iconaealzx:, usual disclaimer
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xelianthought Featured By Owner May 30, 2014
Well drawn pic. 
AealZX Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks ^^
Awa303 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I shall always see Mikki in a sparkling purple dress in this picture. ALWAYS.
AealZX Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Hahaha XD yeah I do admit I do too. Really liked those earrings |D /shot
Awa303 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
And he looked oddly good with that make up on. :rofl:
AealZX Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
ahah XD yeah. probably learned a lot from his charge Eliza XD they do have the same colors.
Awa303 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ShadowOfSolace Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Oh man I bet most ur drawings of food taste better then the actual food would in RL.
I absolutely LOVE the little contours of the chess figures-that is just wicked awesome.

The expressions in play as well are very pleasant XD I catch myself smirking as a spectator as well.
I love Monidiums nearmost 'pouty' demeanor. He's doing the best he can to swallow a snarl XD
Beautiful execution.
I really love the taunt/tension here~<3
AealZX Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012  Student Digital Artist
:iconlazycryplz: I wanted that sundae the entire time I was drawing it. Which spanned over about 3 days. Luckily I ended up eventually getting something close enough |D
Haha, I thought they would be more fun than copying or designing my own boring chess pieces.

Haha XD That's great to hear. I had Sarim grinding her teeth at his smirk too while I was drawing it. She gave me a lot of pointers on Monidium's posture/expression too. ^^
AstralEclipse Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Mikky!!, I don't know why I love him but I love him (even that the rabbit has a little scared even xD; )

I love the chess so much, but I love more how Mikhail eat cake and ice cream all happy while Monidium is all embittered xDDD.

very good work like always Aeal >w</
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